Meggan and Grace purchased the salon in 2015 with the vision to create a beautiful work space for our staff and clients.

A space in which we can positively impact the lives of our clients, a safe place to take risks with your personal image, knowing our staff have the skills to ensure you will walk away looking and feeling fabulous.

This is our guarantee.

We understand that everyone had their own individual requirements and preferences. We take the time to really listen to what you want, and give you the best advice, inspiring you and giving you the courage you may need to make the change you’ve been thinking about.

We create beauty,
we inspire change.

Client satisfaction is our number one priority.

We listen to what you are want to achieve out of your appointment. ┬áIf it’s not achievable within a single appointment, we will be honest, sit with you and chat about what we need to do to reach your end #hairgoal, and make a plan.

We have a strong team of educated stylists, all specialising in different areas. We often work together and consult each other to ensure the outcome we get for our clients is the absolute best for what is achievable on the day.

Your honesty is really important to us; for us to ensure we get you the best results we need to build a strong relationship with you where you can feel safe and comfortable to be 100% honest with us.

We guarantee our services, which means you can feel safe that your outcome and experience will be enjoyable.